Back To Roots

Back To Roots

I don’t remember my daadi knowing anything about avacadoes or the bran flour. They’d eat simple, live simple and kill at their workouts. No , they were not farmers but still 😛

Food industry today is so indisputably divided into two buckets of deception. THE OUTRIGHTLY shameless junk food industry of Mc donalds , pizzas and rookie cookie candies and their worse counterparts, the Diet Industry. The world of Ketos ,No sugar but sugar, Gluten free and No GMOS. Where everything that turns brown becomes nicer except the shade of the faces :P. Only to realize that the color made it a double whammy of deception
(Not to forget the brown sugars and the brown breads)

But the sad story is india became a part of it so quickly. It is not difficult to comprehend that US and UK started the ride of fad foods. The fall was still easier and predictable since people would not cook, their kitchen sizes were way too smaller than their pocket worth . Their lifestyles were to blame and the daily stores and groceries became the king
So if it was replacing that brownie with a protein bar, might as well since people had no idea about the nutritional facts anyway

But what happened in india is even worse!
The lifestyle hasn’t changed much nor has the kitchen sizes. We still have cooks coming to our houses as a daily regime and we hate to eat cold storage and frozen foods
But what’s exactly wrong is this strange need to hop on the fad food ride derived from the unnecessary need of following the west in everything
The worst part is that these foods are expensive, contains excessive preservatives (Since they are not of local origin and need external additives to maintain the food quality and taste) and extremely popular among the urban rich generation (India is an extreme financially polar system)

So why is this industry existing if it’s no good?

Thanks to the corruption of our ministries that nurture these fad industries for pocket full of monies that further holes up the pocket of the farmer

And not to mention the issues like crop tenders being given to the foreign companies in seasons suitable for local crop production, further weakening the case of Local farmer

Some random magazine would say that rice is your enemy and you’d believe. Sure it might be, in the nordic countries where the temperatures are sheepishly low and you need a great amount of protien and fat to protect your body organs from the extra shield of cold

But what about a tropical country like India? Can you imagine keto working well in the extreme summers and humidity? Of course not. We need to keep our tummies light and high on activity. After all, the rate of perspiration has to be taken care of!

And about the sugar loaded mangoes? Of course they are healthy for you. The sugar that still exists in its natural form, from the purest form of energy resource (Direct sunlight received by the plants) adds up to the overall vitality

And why did I start with the daadi diet?

If you look at what they ate and how they ate their food, you’ll notice a few eminent characteristics of the food

They’d eat at a particular time of the day and seldom change their idea of food habits barring a few misses here and there. And they sure wouldn’t go for a detox the next day. They would take it lightly and see the next day as it comes

They’d eat seasonal. Even if it meant home made fried sweets (note the word home made and not from a halwai ; as half the nutrients of the sweet would have already vanished in the latter)

They’d eat fresh and right after it is cooked in the kitchen. Not do “kal ki sabji+ todays parantha “and things like that. Infact they say in Ayurveda “ A pakora made fresh today is better than the cut fruit from yesterday”. And this is true for very valid reasons . It’s the nutrient of the fruit lost with extended duration of the exposure on the cut surface leading to rasa conversion to ama (toxic and poison) in the body that would do greater harm than any good

The best diet for you may not be the best diet for me. In fact the best diet for you is the diet you can stick to!

Also what you ate while growing up might be very different for me. Follow the basic principles of what you ate then because that’s what your genes relate to and are used to, all their life!

So if you’re a Bengali living in Delhi now, make sure to have some dal fish sometimes over the week

Check your relationship with your food. Like I can say about myself for sure- There was a “Oh I want to go slim” phase where I completely removed carbs from my diet (This ran for good2.5-3 years). I would overdo water at work and ate only dal for lunch. My cravings would peak around 4 pm and I’d keep drinking cups of tea (4-6 days plus some shots of coffee sometimes)

Result? Irritation, anger, anxiety and unending sweet cravings that would dilute in the cups of tea and coffee

So idea is to follow your heart and emotionally balance yourself to bring smaller changes in everyday diet and see how they manifest in your physical body

Trust the indian foods and their nutritional value. You’ll do greater good for yourself and the people around

Till then,

Happy Eating:)

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