Back to RootsReverse gear to set the nutrition rightI don’t remember my daadi knowing anything about avacadoes or the bran flour. They’d eat simple, live simple and kill at their workouts. No, they were not farmers but still 😛
Food industry today is so indisputably divided into two buckets of deception. THE OUTRIGHTLY shameless junk food industry of Mc donalds , pizzas and rookie cookie candies and their worse counterparts, the Diet Industry. The world of Ketos ,No sugar but sugar, Gluten free and No GMOS. Where everything that turns brown becomes nicer except the shade of the faces  Read More


I tried basic Ayurveda rules and the changes were so fulfilling.

Not really going deep into what Ayurvedic diet actually means and how can you use it in your life (It is detailed and I will separately cover it in another article on Ayurvedic Diets ). While I just finished reading KM lad , the detailed book on Ayurvedic diet, I did implement a few regimes on my own body. Not to mention that it’s not about my body weight, my face glow but my sense of being that has really gone up.

This one is a quick abstract of what could you possible pick up from the general rules of the Ayurvedic Diet Read More

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