Should you be eating packaged healthy/Diet foods?

What does eating packaged healthy/Diet foods do to your body?

Should you be eating packaged healthy/Diet foods?

Truth behind low fat and zero trans fat foods.

While hydrogenation is good for commercial food production, it’s not so good for our body. Especially the partially hydrogenated trans-fatty acids.

This physical configuration changes how fats are processed in our body. For instance, eating a lot of trans fats can

  • Lower HDL
  • Suppress the excretion of bile acids;
  • Increase our own cholesterol production;
  • Compete with essential fats for transport into the cells; and thus create and worsen essential fatty acid deficiencies.

Over time, this can add up to a higher risk of many chronic diseases. Even one meal with a high trans fat content can diminish blood vessel function and elasticity.

In 2015, the FDA concluded that artificial trans fats in processed foods are not GRAS (generally recognized as safe) and partially hydrogenated oils will need to be phased out of all food products.

So while you think that low fat , high protein chip is a great idea, we would suggest you indulge in a homemade pakora sometimes .The good fat in it would still do some good to your body than that!

So next time, please indulge and mind your quantities rather than eating those nutrient deficient ,expensive chips from that fancy supermarket near you
Till then,
Healthy eating:)

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