myths of immunity boosting foods

Myths of immunity boosting foods

As per Charles Darwin’s origin of species, the survival of fittest is very apt and true. Those who are fit as per the changing environment and habitat survive well but that doesn’t mean we overdo things.

What are the myths of immunity boosting foods?

Just as deficiency of something is harmful, similarly the excess can be toxic. During the pandemic, people are consuming supplements of curcumin and vitamins, other synthetics just for the sake of gaining immunity which is turning out to be harmful than the opposite. Our body has a mechanized way of absorption of food. In Ayurveda, focus is on keeping the body healthy naturally and 30 percent digestion begins in mouth. By not compromising on our sensory pleasures use of tadka in right proportion can be done. There are natural things in your kitchen right now that are superfoods. Curcumin is already naturally present in Turmeric and drinking it in milk has better absorption in our body.

Getting your immune system much active can cause hyperactive immune system resulting to allergic reactions and underlying cause to various diseases such as diabetes, lupus,etc. Such supplements shouldn’t be consumed on own. At home, you can try simple methods if you’re working on improving your immunity naturally.

Just do simple things-

  • Try drinking turmeric milk everyday.
  • Drink kadha having clove, cinnamon, ginger, tulsi leaves, honey for combating seasonal cold and cough.
  • Consume whole grains,pulses and legumes as they provide you with energy and protein throughout the day. Our Indian diet is very nutritious and has all the vital balance of nutrients. Whole wheat, sattu, different varieties of dals (pulses) as well as ghee.
  • Eat fresh green leafy seasonal vegetables, balanced meal including fruits and roughage.

Avoid fad diets- Keto, Paleo, Dash, etc as they intervene your balance of body and only provide temporary/ short term effects.

As summer time is here, drink lot of water and exercise for atleast 20-25 mins everyday. I hope to see you trying this healthy change and being away from synthetic/ fad diets.


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