Ayurvedic health pack (CRED)

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Combo Pack ( Heart Tea + Immunity Booster Latte + Kashmiri Kahwa + Ragi Breakfast Cereal)

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Combo Pack ( Heart Tea + Immunity Booster Latte + Kashmiri Kahwa + Ragi Breakfast Cereal)

Heart Tea

Purest form of Arjuna Chhal powder, the superfood for your heart. Improves heart functioning as it increases the oxygen flow to heart, Strengthens the heart muscles, improves intensity of cardiac contractions, improves regular heartbeat, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, chest pain etc.

How to prepare heart tea?

Add one tablespoon of Arjuna powder to 2 cups of water. Stir the mixture and boil it until it reduces to one cup. Strain the tea. Add sweetener or jaggery to enhance the taste.

Heart tea

Immunity Booster Latte

Our immunity booster latte is an ayurvedic blend of Turmeric, fresh coconut flakes with the naani and daadi superfoods like Ashwagandh and Moringa.

Traditionally called “Haldi wala Dhoodh”, we have tried to create a right balance of Ayurvedic herbs into this blend to give you the super healthy concoction that will take boost your immunity in the long run.

Heart tea

Kashmiri Kahwa

Our whole leaf , super fine kahwa is made from unoxidized leaves and is one of the less processed types of tea. With Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves, Rose Petals, Almond, Saffron blended perfectly , it will leave your taste buds with pleasant aroma from the natural ingredients.

How to make Pink Tea??

Take two cups of water and add a teaspoon of Kashmiri kahwa leaves in it. Boil it till the water gets halved ( one cup of water). Add a pinch of sodium bicarbonate to this concoction along with milk. Boil it and your pink tea is ready :))

Note: Suitable for Diabetics, Weight Watcher, Alcohol-Free, No Preservatives and No Artificial Flavour.

Heart tea

Ragi Breakfast Cereal

Did you know 46% of young India skips breakfast or Have it on the go?

Results?Binge eating over lunch, Junk snacking and having processed foods on the go…

With the goodness of Almonds, Ragi cereal, raisins and oats, it is the perfect blend of a healthy breakfast. Two spoons of the cereal in a cup of milk or warm water and there you go!

Our ragi instant breakfast cereal is a right balance of carbs, protein and fat for a wholesome start of the day.

Heart tea

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Ayurvedic health pack
Ayurvedic health pack (CRED)
1,500.00 N/A