Experience The Magical Kashmiri Kahwa Benefits

Are you waiting for a drink that offers multiple benefits for your body? For a healthy mind, you need your body to be healthy. Kashmiri Kahwa is one such refreshing drink that provides various health benefits. This tea is served mostly during large gatherings as a treat for guests.

The fragrance of this tea is enough to satiate and calm the mind of its lovers. You get a mixed blend of saffron, cardamom, nuts, rose petals, etc. within this enriching tea.

This tea is useful, especially for those who are looking to lose weight in a healthy manner.

You can buy this tea at affordable prices from Namhya easily. Namhya offers Kashmiri Kahwa at affordable prices and it is one of the best-selling products of Namhya.

You will come to know about Kashmiri Kahwa benefits. Let us know about the Origin Of Kashmiri Kahwa Benefits before.

Origin Of Kashmiri Kahwa Benefits

Kashmiri Kahwa is a sweetened tea. The word Kahwa in this refers to coffee, ironically. It is believed that this tea originated during the 2nd century A.D.

During the reign of the Kushan empire, it began to be consumed in the Yarkand valley of Kashmir. It is also assumed that this special tea was imported from China during that era.

Mughals are said to have spread the word of Kashmiri Kahwa worldwide. Due to this it is always named as Mogul chai. Kashmiri Kahwa is said to be discovered in the Spice Route, which belonged to Kashmir before.

Kashmiri Kahwa besides being consumed in India nowadays, is also consumed in countries like Bangladesh, Afghanistan, etc. This tea is a part of regular beverage in parts of Kashmir. Kashmiris adore it for its unique taste and immunity-boosting properties.

This tea is also served during celebrations in different parts of Kashmir. The green tea leaves used in this tea are imported from the Kangra region, which is near Kashmir.

Incredible Kahwa Tea Benefits

Kashmiri Kahwa benefits for your health and beautiful skin are multifold. Some of the uses of this magical tea are

  • An energizer drink- If you are feeling sluggish or tired, then this tea can act as an energizer. It can also calm your recurring headaches.

    Thus, you can start your new day with a workout, after drinking this tea. During mid-day breaks as well, this tea can be consumed. If you are thinking to take an afternoon nap, you can skip that by enjoying a sip of Kahwa tea.
  • Reduction of body fat- Are you spending a huge amount of money on a weight loss program? You can cut down your calories by cutting down your expenses.

    All you need to do is to start taking Kashmiri Kahwa. Kashmiri Kahwa benefits for weight loss are exceptional. Digestive issues can be solved simultaneously.

    You need to ensure that there is no sugar content in your Kahwa tea, for effective weight loss. Otherwise, it will lead to an increase in calorie intake.
  • The presence of polyphenols in this tea helps in keeping check the rate of calorie intake within your body. You can also get rid of high cholesterol by taking this tea regularly.

    Thus, you can remain free from any heart ailments and have maintained glucose levels in your body.
  • Improvement of metabolism- Due to the cure for digestive issues, the metabolic rate also improves after consuming Kashmiri Kahwa. You can free yourself from feeling bloated after taking a sip of this wonderful tea.

    Thus, if you are a foodie, then you can easily consume heavy food while taking Kashmiri Kahwa and experience its benefits. With an increased metabolic rate, you can carry on with your routine physical activities without any worries.
  • Glowing skin and nourishing hair- There are many cosmetic surgeries nowadays, that you can try to get glowing skin. What if, you get healthy and glowing skin in a natural manner?

    Kashmiri Kahwa benefits for skin are multifold. You can experience acne issues and ageing of the skin, during your growing years.

    The presence of anti-oxidants in Kashmiri Kahwa can keep your skin moisturized, and acne free. These antioxidants can also help in controlling hair damage. Thus, Kahwa when consumed during the winter season can control hair fall.
  • Boosting immunity- The ingredients present in Kashmiri Kahwa, help in boosting your body’s response to fighting illnesses. The essential minerals and vitamins in this beverage can strengthen your body’s immunity system.

    You can add nuts while preparing your Kashmiri Kahwa, which is one of the major ingredients for boosting immunity.
  • Reducing cortisol levels- With the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is natural to undergo high stress or cortisol levels. Thus, you need something to keep your stress levels in check.

    Kashmiri Kahwa benefits offer a way to reduce cortisol levels, while you consume it regularly. You can have it after a tiring day, to calm your nerves and have a restful sleep. The soothing smell of this exotic tea is enough to reduce your stress levels and thus have a cheerful day.
  • Kashmiri Kahwa also helps in improving your eyesight.
  • If you face recurring headaches and migraine issues, then Kashmiri Kahwa is a must-have.

The Ingredients Present In Kashmiri Kahwa aids in providing the above-mentioned benefits.

Ingredients Present In Kashmiri Kahwa

What makes Kashmiri Kahwa special, are the unique ingredients that make it a refreshing drink. The ingredients present in Kashmiri Kahwa are

  • Leaves of green tea- The traditional Kahwa tea is prepared by including green tea leaves in its preparation. There are many varieties of green tea available in the market now.
    You can buy any of them to make your Kashmiri Kahwa. Green tea helps in the detoxification of your body. Thus, you can get rid of toxins present inside your body, by adding leaves of green tea to your Kahwa tea.
  • Saffron- Its exceptional taste and aroma add an essence while preparing Kashmiri Kahwa. Saffron is said to be a mood-lifting ingredient and has cancer-fighting properties. 
    You can also lose weight with the help of this magical ingredient. The Premenstrual syndrome symptoms are also said to get reduced with the help of saffron.
    It is suggested to not take an excess of saffron, as that can lead to drowsiness and nausea. Further, you can face digestive issues too.
  • Rose petals- The petals of a rose add beauty to the surroundings. If they are used in the preparation of Kahwa tea, then the fragrance of these petals can freshen up your day.
    Further, by adding rose petals, the presentation of your Kashmiri Kahwa also enhances. This leaves a long-lasting impression on the guests, who consume it for the first time.
  • Spices- Since Kahwa is used usually in colder regions, few of the spices are used to keep your body warm. Cinnamon and cardamon are used especially to spice up your Kahwa tea.
    Cloves can also be added in the form of spices. It can add its unique fragrance and taste.
  • Sweetening agent- Cane sugar in its purest form is usually used as a sweetening agent. It is optional to add a sweetener while preparing Kahwa tea.
  • Almonds- Almonds are also considered one of the most important ingredients in this tea. They also provide warmth to your body, needed during winters.
    You can add other nuts like walnut as well. If you are fond of pistachios, then you can try adding it after your Kashmiri Kahwa is ready to be served.

 How To Prepare Your Special Kashmiri Kahwa?

Once you have all ingredients ready with you, the preparation of Kashmiri Kahwa hardly takes a few minutes.

The steps required to make a Kashmiri Kahwa along with Kashmiri kahwa ingredients are

  • Add the required cups of water to a saucepan or electric kettle, and heat it. Let it come to a boiled state.
  • Add saffron, spices, and rose petals to it.
  • Let it boil for 2-3 minutes. This will help in the proper blending of the above-mentioned ingredients with boiled water.
  • Thereafter, add a sweetening agent if required. You can skip adding a sweetening agent if you are a diabetic patient.
  • Finally, add green tea leaves and almonds to it.
  • Thereafter, turn the flame or electric kettle off.
  • Keep the prepared tea covered for a few minutes, and finally strain it.
  • In the end, you can add other nuts on top of your Kashmiri Kahwa, if you wish to add.

Your Kashmiri Kahwa recipe is ready to be served finally.

Side Effects Of Consuming Kashmiri Kahwa

Though Kashmiri Kahwa benefits are immense, there are some side effects of consuming this tea too. You need to consume this green tea cautiously to avoid facing those effects.

A few of the side-effects due to overconsumption of this tea are

  • You get high-calorie content while consuming this tea. Thus, this can contribute to increasing weight, if a sweetening agent is used in this tea. Kashmiri Kahwa can aid in weight loss if there is an absence of sugar content.
  • Since this green tea contains caffeine, thus it is advisable to not be consumed by anxiety patients. Caffeine can contribute to insomnia and restlessness in highly anxious people.
  • Since patients suffering from anxiety are forbidden from taking caffeine, thus they should avoid trying any kind of tea altogether.
  • Kahwa is used to keep your body warm, Therefore, it must be avoided during the summer season. This can add unwanted heat to your body.
  • Further, you can face stomach problems by consuming this warming tea during summer.
  • Kashmiri Kahwa can also lead to an increase in cholesterol levels, due to its high sugar content. You should be careful to consume it if you are a diabetic patient.

You can try Kashmiri Kahwa without adding any sweetening agent, if you are a diabetic patient or if there is a history of diabetes in your family.

Tips To Consider While Consuming Kashmiri Kahwa

There are some suggestions that you should follow when it comes to the consumption of Kashmiri Kahwa. They are

  • It is suggested to increase the number of spices if you are feeling too cold. Spices have the property to provide warmth to your body. Thus, their increased amount can keep your body temperature balanced.
  • The time duration for boiling the tea along with the ingredients can be more than 3 minutes too. If you are someone who loves the stronger taste of tea, then you can increase the brewing time.Accordingly, the time can be reduced, if you like to take less strong tea.
  • Saffron should be used as per its requirement since it is a costly ingredient. Thus, it is suggested to add it at the end after the tea is prepared completely, to avoid unnecessary wastage.
  • Prefer your Kashmiri Kahwa that is low in caffeine content or caffeine free. This makes it suitable to be consumed by all irrespective of suffering from any mental health disorders.

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