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Namhya Whole Fenugreek Seeds to Boost Metabolism & Weight Loss (pack of 2*100g)

Namhya Whole Fenugreek Seeds to Boost Metabolism & Weight Loss (pack of 2*100g)

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✅ Boosts Metabolism
✅ Helps in Weight Loss
✅ Stimulates Insulin
✅ Relieves Pain & Cramps

Fenugreek seeds helps in lowering blood sugar levels, boosting testosterone, and increasing milk production in mothers who are breastfeeding. Fenugreek may also reduce cholesterol levels, lower inflammation, and help with appetite control. Regular consumption of fenugreek seeds helps in Lowering total cholesterol, LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglyceride levels in the blood while increasing beneficial HDL cholesterol levels.

How To Use?

Soak fenugreek seeds overnight in water and then boil them in the morning to create a tea. This tea can be consumed to promote digestion and relieve constipation. Fenugreek seeds can be ground into a paste and applied topically to the skin to reduce inflammation and soothe skin irritations

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Namhya Whole Fenugreek Seeds to Boost Metabolism & Weight Loss (pack of 2*100g)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whole Fenugreek Seeds are known to have various health benefits. They are believed to help regulate blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and promote milk production in lactating women. They are also a good source of fiber, protein, and iron.

Whole Fenugreek Seeds can be used in various ways in cooking. They can be added to curries, soups, and other dishes to add flavor and aroma. They can also be roasted and ground to make a spice blend or used to flavor pickles and chutneys. Additionally, soaked Fenugreek Seeds can be used to make a paste that can be added to hair masks and skincare products.

Whole Fenugreek Seeds are generally safe for consumption. However, they may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. They may also interact with certain medications, such as blood-thinning medications, and should be consumed in moderation by people with certain medical conditions. Pregnant women should avoid consuming large amounts of Fenugreek Seeds, as they may stimulate uterine contractions.

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Disclaimer : The statements have not been evaluated by FDA . This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Children and pregnant women should consult a doctor before use.