9 Amazing Benefits of Liver Cleanse Tea

Are you facing digestive issues regularly? Does it affect your daily work performance and sleep schedule? Thus, it makes you feel lethargic and run out of energy levels usually.

Then, you need to get your liver cleansed. You need to incorporate a healthy diet and follow a sedentary lifestyle. There are many ways to cleanse your liver to live a stress-free life.

You can follow a natural diet and include essential nutrients to keep your digestive system healthy. There are other alternatives too to maintain your digestion. There is too much hype related to liver cleanse nowadays.
You will come to know the liver cleanse tea benefits. Let’s know before What Is Liver Cleansing actually. 

What Is Liver Cleansing?

Liver is one of the most vital organs of your body. It helps in the digestion of medicines, and food and the removal of toxins and waste from your body. Thus, your liver’s proper functioning is critical to keeping your body fit and healthy.

Liver cleansing is a term used nowadays that refers to different ways of liver detox. Liver detox can keep various diseases at bay. Liver cleansing helps in preventing your body from long-term liver damage.

You can consume different types of detox drinks to cleanse your liver or include a nutritious diet. Intermittent fasting is also one of the ways to detox your liver.

Though, there is no scientific evidence to claim that detox diets actually work wonders. You can try some liver cleanse tea benefits, and include essential minerals, spices, etc. to cleanse your liver.

To be aware that whether your liver is functioning in a proper manner or not, you can notice a few symptoms. You will come to know further the symptoms that may be an indication of an unhealthy liver.

Symptoms Of An Unhealthy Liver

A healthy liver's vital sign indicates a body full of vigour and energy. There are a few signs that can indicate that your liver needs cleansing. Some of them are

  • Your cravings for sugar increase.
  • You suffer from irregularity in your bowel movements.
  • You are in more need of energy to do simple exercises or workouts.
  • You may face skin irritation or looks dull usually.
  • You can be prone to pollen allergies and some chemicals.
  • You can go through mood swings constantly.
  • You can deal with bloating and gastric issues.
  • You can face anxiety issues or chronic stress.
  • Problems related to blood vessels
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea

Factors That Lead To An Unhealthy Liver

There are always underlying causes that lead to dysfunction of any of the body organs. You can suffer from an unhealthy liver due to a few causes which are

  • Consumption of excess sugar- The liver has one of the functions, to produce fat from fructose. The consumption of excess sugar leads to excess fructose in your body. This further contributes to lipogenesis in your liver.

 Lipogenesis in simple terms refers to the accumulation of excess fat in the liver. This must be avoided otherwise your normal functioning of the liver gets affected. According to scientific research, excess sugar consumption is detrimental to your overall body’s growth.

  • Improper gut health- A healthy gut promotes the healthy functioning of your liver. Thus, your stomach needs to be nurtured properly. This leads to detox from your liver in a healthy manner.
Improper gut health can lead to toxins entering your blood vessels, and thus increase the pressure on your liver. Further, your gastrointestinal tract aids in the absorption of food, besides protecting from toxins. Therefore, you should ensure that your gut health is efficient for your healthy liver.
  • Consumption of excess alcohol- Anything in excess is harmful to your health. Excess alcohol consumption can lead to long-term liver damage. Thus, it is recommended to consume alcohol occasionally.
In case, you consume alcohol daily, then it is best to stick to one glass per day, so as to not damage your liver. You should avoid alcohol consumption to not damage your heart health as well.
  • Obesity- Obesity is linked to many of the health conditions that people are suffering from today. Facing liver dysfunction is one of those. Thus, you need to keep a proper check on your body weight to avoid facing any liver-related damage.
Those who weigh on a heavier side can also be prone to having more deposition of pesticides in their fat tissue. This can in turn be detrimental to your liver.
  • Cumulation of toxins in your body- Exposure to chemicals and compounds that are found in processed foods, paint, heavy metals, pesticide residues, thermal paper, and aerosols can add pressure to your liver. These can also affect other organs like your kidney, lungs, lymphatic system, etc.

Thus, it is suggested to avoid exposure to these chemicals and compounds to the maximum. You can opt for detoxification ways regularly to avoid facing harmful effects due to exposure to them.

Liver Cleanse Tea is one of the methods to get rid of an unhealthy liver. You will come to know the benefits of a liver cleanse tea further below.

Benefits Of Liver Cleanse Tea

A liver cleanse tea can detox your body and help you eliminate constipation. Some of the other usages of consuming a liver detox tea are

  • Better Gallbladder and liver functioning- Due to the laxative properties of this tea, your body gets rid of wastes naturally. Your digestive tract is also cleared by consuming this tea. Thus, you benefit from getting your healthy liver back.
  • Improved immunity- This tea can help your body to become free from radicals and dangerous pathogens, which are precursors to serious health concerns. Thus, your body’s defence system improves. You can therefore become less prone to getting ill frequently due to this detox tea.
  • Improved skin glow- With increased air pollution, your skin can get prone to early signs of ageing and reduced skin glow. Using liver cleanse tea, you can witness changes in the texture of your skin gradually. The natural glow of your face improves too.
Liver cleanse tea can fight against air pollutants, giving you a radiant glow. Thus, your skin’s ability to fight against toxins and air pollutants increases.
  • Balanced weight- Liver cleanse tea is essential to get balanced body weight. You can include a regular intake of this tea, along with a healthy diet and exercise regime in your lifestyle.

Your body’s ability to burn extra fat increases. Consuming liver cleanse tea also helps in increasing the metabolism rate.

  • Purification of blood- Liver cleanse tea helps to detox your blood flow. Thus, the purification of blood happens by consuming this magical tea.

This tea helps in eliminating toxins from your blood in one of the main organs, the liver. Even the toxins from the blood, present in your intestines, kidney, lungs, and lymphatic system get removed by intake of this liver cleanse tea.

Besides, many benefits, there are a few liver cleanse tea side effects that you will come to know below.

Liver Cleanse Tea Side Effects

Every coin has a flip side to it. Likewise, consumption of liver cleanse tea has a few of its side effects which are

  • Occurrence of strokes
  • A precursor to sudden heart attacks
  • Too much of liver cleanse tea intake can lead to
  1. Headache
  2. Anxiety
  3. Restlessness
  4. Cause of ringing in your ears
  5. Dehydration due to an imbalance of electrolytes
  6. Increase in breathing and heart rate
  7. Disruption of your sleep cycle
  8. Ingredients present in your cleanse tea can interact with your regular medications, which may cause some side-effect to your body.
  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Unbearable cramps

Thus, you need to be mindful regarding the intake of your indigestion tea. Otherwise, you can face irreplaceable consequences due to excess intake of this tea.

Ingredients Present In A Liver Cleanse Tea

What makes a liver cleanse tea effective are its unique ingredients. Some of the ingredients that are found in a liver cleanse tea are

  • Milk thistle- Usually known as silymarin, this herbal supplement is extracted from the seeds of the milk thistle plant. Due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it boosts glutathione levels. Thus, it aids in supporting your liver functioning.
  • Ginger- This wonderful root contains compounds like shogaols and gingerols, that can reduce inflammation and promote a healthy liver. Your liver can also be protected against the effects of alcohol consumption due to the intake of ginger. Ginger can further lower your cholesterol and sugar levels.
  • Manjistha- It works as a blood purifier. Thus, the presence of manjistha helps remove toxins from your body and keeps your liver healthy. Manjistha also aids in the removal of gall bladder stones.
  • Liquorice- Due to the presence of a compound, glycyrrhizin, this ingredient aids in treating any liver disease. It can also protect your liver against damage caused by alcohol consumption. Thus, your liver health improves gradually due to this major ingredient in the liver cleanse tea.
  • Harad- Due to the laxative properties of this ayurvedic herb, you can get rid of many liver-related issues. Harad helps in managing constipation, improving bowel movements, and removal of toxins from your body.
  • Thymus leaves- This is also one of the essential ingredients used in making liver-cleanse tea. This ingredient helps in soothing your muscles that includes stomach muscles too. Thus, you can get rid of many liver-related issues due to this ingredient.
  • Pippali- This herb besides curing cold and sore throat, has shown its magic to cure serious liver concerns. This herb helps in keeping your body warm as well during winters.
  • Tulsi leaves- It is suggested to consume tulsi leaves regularly, to lose weight naturally. Tulsi is known as an anti-stress herb as well. Thus, you can manage both your weight and chronic stress by consumption of tulsi leaves.
  • Cinnamon- Cinnamon can be used to reduce digestive issues. Its antioxidant property helps the body in digesting meals rich in fat content. This ingredient present in your detox tea can also help in recovering from appetite loss.
  • Cardamon- This magical herb helps in various gastrointestinal issues. It also helps to detox your body naturally. Besides this, cardamon is used in your weight loss journey to lose weight.

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