Ancient Immunity-Boosting Practices: “Old Is Gold” Remedies

The world is constantly changing, and pollution and anxiety are rising. In these situations, staying healthy is challenging. Moreover, improving immunity is essential to solving deadly illnesses with the pandemic and other new diseases negatively affecting the world. 

Western medicine strives to treat deadly diseases like Covid 19; thus, treating to improve immunity is the best defense. 

How to increase immune system? Lifestyle changes & home remedies can heal the weak immune system. How to increase immunity home remedies? Learn more here.


What Is the Immune System?


Immune System


The body's immune system acts as its defense mechanism. The immune system provides secondary protection after the skin and mucous membranes. The thymus, spleen, bone marrow, and a complex system of lymph nodes are all included. There are countless cells, proteins, tissues, and organs inside it. Preventing and fighting off infections are the fundamental functions of the immune system. 


According to Ayurveda, there are three types of immunity:


  • Sehaja vyadhi-kshmatva: The genetic nature of what we inherit at birth.
  • Vyadhija vyadhi-kshmatva: The condition is caused by an antigen invading the body. Our immune system makes antibodies against that antigen to defend the body.
  • Yuktikrit Vyadhi-kshmatva: The state of perfect health results from eating well and leading a healthy lifestyle.


What Factors Weaken Our Immune System?


You may think your immune system is predetermined. But this is not the case. Rarely are people born with a disorder of the innate immune system. Instead, a compromised immune system is usually caused by physiological health such as irregular lifestyle, constant illness; allergies, fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, slow development, and developmental delay, indicating a weakened or impaired immune system.


Some of the factors that all have a negative effect on your immune system:

  • Anxiety and overthinking
  • Poor eating habits such as excess consumption of cold, heated, processed unhygienic foods (resulting in essential nutrients like vitamin deficiencies)
  • Alcohol consumption and smoking
  • Dealing with anxiety or emotional stress constantly
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Inconsistent sleep patterns; late-night awakening
  • Obesity
  • Overstimulation of the senses
  • overexposure to potentially damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays 
  • Excessive use of antibiotics, exposure to environmental toxins, 


What Does Ayurveda Say About A Healthy Immune System?


The question is - How to make the immune system strong? What is an immunity booster? According to Ayurveda, lifestyle modifications and a few simple home remedies can improve the immune system. Since ancient times, Ayurveda has addressed numerous body functions holistically. As a result, almost all human organs interact with one another. Doshas (such as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) are the three fundamental principles that define the biological processes and abilities of the human body. According to Ayurveda, all bodily functions are optimized when the three Doshas are balanced.

Ojas, which translates to "vitality" (meaning "to be strong") in Sanskrit, is vital body energy. It is the primary source of essential body secretions and energy. A lack of Ojas causes illness or imbalance, whereas abundance indicates wellness. Anxiety, stress, an unsteady routine, and drug or stimulant usage are all possible contributors to the imbalance. But the problem can be fixed with an unusual mix of home remedies or ayurvedic immunity foods & drinks for immunity.

Ayurveda is the safest and most chemical-free way to boost your immune system. Ayurvedic literature recommends simple daily rituals (Dinacharya) and seasonal routines (Rutucharya), including home remedies to maintain health & immunity.


Immunity Booster: Home Remedies For Immunity


What is immunity booster? How to improve immunity? Here is the answer to these questions - the following can help to improve immunity with the help of home remedies for immunity includes:


1. Exercise




A strong immune system can be supported by regular yoga, pranayama, and other forms of physical activity. Your goal should be to exercise for 30 minutes three times a week. This could include walking, cycling, yoga, swimming, and other low-impact exercises. Activities that increase blood flow also increase immunity. In addition, pranayama and other breathing exercises help boost immunity.


2. Food & Ayurveda 


  • The Balance Of The Six Tastes


In Ayurveda, foods are classified as sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, or astringent. Every flavor is unique and beneficial in its own way. When you eat different kinds of foods throughout the day, you give your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.


  • Seasonal And Fresh Meals


According to Ayurveda, it's best to eat seasonal, local produce wherever feasible. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from fresh produce can boost your immune system. Foods in season are often higher in fiber and other healthy nutrients. In addition, they're healthier than processed foods because they have less fat and calories.


  • Avoiding Processed Foods


Processed foods often contain unhealthy fats, sodium, sugar, and additives. They can compromise a person's health and defenses. Ayurveda encourages eating seasonal and fresh meals and avoiding processed foods.


3. Immune-Boosting Herbs and Spices


Herbs and Spices


Ayurveda recommends eating lots of immune-boosting herbs & spices to fight infections and illness. Add them to soups, curries, and grains to boost your immunity. Consume immune-boosting herbs like: 


  • Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) is an excellent balya (strengthening) plant due to its high antioxidant content & boosts immunity by improving tissue integrity in the body. To help develop Ojas (meaning "to be strong"), ashwagandha nourishes our tissues alongside Shatavari and Bala.


  • Amla (Emblica officinalis) is excellent for the immune system because it contains a lot of vitamin C. As a result, it can energize and revive the body's functions. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It is also known for nourishing the body's Ojas and increasing its life span. Amla is most effective when ingested in its raw form; however, it is also available in powdered form.


  • Black Pepper has antibacterial and antioxidant effects. Because of this, it makes a substantial impact on health in general. For example, Piperine, an active component of black pepper, helps clear out the lungs. In addition, it encourages the formation of T-cells, which aid in fighting infections.


  • Brahmi boosts immunity when used regularly. In Brahmi, even a tiny amount of nutrients—antioxidant compounds that help our immune system respond quickly to infections, viruses, and bacterial illnesses—can significantly impact us.


  • Turmeric anti-inflammatory curcumin fights infections and boosts immunity. This makes it the autoimmune species of choice. This spice also purifies the blood and lymphatic system, which boosts the immune system.


  • Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) boosts antibody production to treat certain diseases. It has antiviral and antibacterial properties. It also detoxes and strengthens the immune system.


  • Ginger (Zingiber officinale), called "Vishavbheshaja" in the classics, boosts immunity by improving digestion and eliminating toxins (Ama). It contains antimicrobials to fight illness and strengthen immunity. It also aids digestion and breathing issues like colds, coughs, pneumonia, asthma, and bronchitis.


  • Basil, or Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum), is a body and mind tonic. It heals mental and physical ailments. It also reduces Kapha in the lungs and respiratory system, which helps relieve cold, congestion, cough, bronchitis, and sore throat symptoms. Taking fresh tulsi juice twice a day is claimed to improve health.


  • Licorice, or yastimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra), is another mind-boosting herb (medhya rasayana). It improves memory and concentration. Rasayanas enhance the immune system and promote health by nourishing Ojas (the life force).


4. Immune-Boosting Drinks or Kadha 


Stay hydrated and detoxify with a boost drink such as warm water or herbal tea or decoction (Kadha) throughout the day to avoid or fight against certain illnesses. Try the above-mentioned spice & herbs to make an immune-booster drink. Few examples of immune-booster drinks such as lemon water, tulsi ginger tea, turmeric milk (Namhya immunity booster latte), warm water with honey, etc.


5. Be Happy & Stress-Free


Happy & Stress-Free


Can stress weaken our immune system? Yes, stress lowers your immune defenses and slows your body's ability to heal. Stress releases cortisol, which decreases white blood cells and weakens the immune system.

How to make immune system strong from stress? You can manage stress by doing meditation, body or head massage with oils, listening to soothing music, or having a peaceful good night's sleep. Also, try natural sleep-inducing aids to refresh and reduces stress.


6. Exposure To Sunlight


According to a study, sunlight boosts vitamin D production, which boosts the immune system. A strong immune system can help you avoid getting sick or developing an illness or seasonal allergies. In addition, your immune system determines how well you defend yourself against disease or infection, which may be strengthened with the help of natural boosters like the sun, the best immunity booster food, and medications.


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