Fighting Against Heart Diseases: Namhya's Heart Tea And Arjun Chaal

With an alarming rate of increase of heart patients, you need to be aware about ways to cure heart diseases. There are various herbal concations available in the market that can aid in relief from heart diseases. We will dive deep into the causes of heart diseases and herbal ways to overcome it.

Causes Of A Heart Disease

Are you aware of the causes behind heart diseases? You can suffer from any heart disease suddenly, if you aren’t aware about its causes. A few of the causes behind occurrence of a heart disease in a person are

  • Less supply of essential nutrients and oxygen to the heart.
  • Irregularity in the rhythm of the heart.
  • Affect to some part or whole of the heart.
  • Affect to blood vessels that flow or lead to the heart.
  • Genetic cause
  • Addiction to smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Obesity
  • History of diabetes
  • Reduction in energy levels of the body.
  • Bad lifestyle 
  • Poor diet intake
  • Age factor
  • Sleep apnea
  • High stress and anxiety levels

If you suffer from any of the above-mentioned causes, then you are advised to consult a health professional for proper diagnosis. You might be suffering from an underlying heart disease. 

You can include herbal medicines in your diet, to reduce symptoms of heart diseases gradually. Namhya products are pure ayurvedic products that aids in mitigating different diseases. 

To get relief from heart ailments, Namhya’s heart tea is one of the best options to buy. You will come to know more about this magic tea further below.

Namhya’s Heart Tea

Namhya’s heart tea is the purest ayurveda solution for your heart related problems. It is the powdered version of Arjun Chaal. It helps in various ways which are

  • Increase of oxygen flow to the heart.
  • Better rate of cardiac contractions.
  • Reduction in chest pain.
  • Heartbeat becomes regular after its consumption.
  • Heart muscles are strengthened. 
  • Reduces shortness of breath.
  • Relief from heart palpitations.

As per customer reviews, few of the positive changes that heart patients experienced after intake of Namhya’s heart tea are

  • Lowering of blood pressure.
  • Balance of cholestrol levels.
  • Aid in reducing inflammation of heart.
  • Relief in heart pain after few months of its consumption.
  • Improve in overall health and fitness levels.

Preparation- To prepare this tea, you need to add 1 tablespoon of this tea powder to 2 tea cups. Thereafter, you need to boil the mixture and finally strain the tea. To sweeten it, you can add jaggery. 

You need to store this tea in a dry atmosphere. It can be used 3 to 5 grams per day or as recommended by the physician.

Arjun Chaal 

Arjun is a bark of a tree which is used due to its medicinal properties. Different bioactives are present in it. The water extract of this bark has immensely helped cardiac patients after its consumption. 

A few of the synonyms of Arjun chaal are

  • Partha
  • Sadad
  • Terminalia arjuna
  • Mattimora
  • Arjon
  • Kudari Kivimase
  • Bilimatti
  • Svetavaha
  • Vellamaruthi
  • Torematti
  • Maddu
  • Kellemasuthu

Benefits Of Arjun Chaal

Arjun Chaal, which is a plant-based ayurvedic product is used for various reasons. Its regular usage can help you in healing from various health issues. A few of the benefits of consuming Arjun Chaal are

    • Arjun chaal helps in reduction of chest pain caused due to heart diseses or Angina. Due to the reduction of stress hormone by its consumption, the chest pain gets reduced. Angina is a result of increase of Kapha in the body. 

    • Increased amount of Kapha leads to the presence of Ama in the body. Ama is a type of toxic which leads to heart blockage. The blockage of the heart aggravates chest pain. 

      Arjun chaal has the property to reduce amounts of both Kapha and Ama in the patient’s body. Thus, it aids a patient in getting relieved from the chest pain or Angina. 

    • In managing heart disease, Arjun chaal also plays a vital role. The heart muscles are strengthened by its consumption. Due to the presence of glucosides and Tannins, within the Arjun bark, it posseses an antioxidant property. 

    • Thus, the blood vessels to and fro from the heart, and the heart muscles are protected from damage due to free radicals. The blood vessels are also dilated and plaque is dissolved for improving the blood flow. 

      Overall, it helps in managing blood pressure levels, rapid hearbeat, etc. of a heart patient. 

    • Arjun chaal helps in managing diarrhea. There are some constituents within it that has astringent and antimicrobial properties. Intestinal problems can be reduced due to antibacterial properties present within arjun chaal.

    • Thus, it aids in prevention of dehydration in the body. Diarrhea is caused due to improper water consumption, improper food, Agnimandya, mental stress, and toxins. This leads to increase of Vata in the body. 

      Vata contributes to loose motion in the body. Arjun chaal with its cooling and astringent property can help in controlling diarrhea in the body. 

    • Arjun chaal also helps in treatment of cough, cold and bronchitis. Bronchitis is caused due to digestive problems. When wastes aren’t properly eliminated from the body, the deposition of toxins in the form of Ama occurs. 

Due to accumulation of Ama in the mucus, bronchitis occurs. Consumption of Arjun chaal leads to reduction of Ama. Thus, bronchitis can be cured effectively. 

  • Urine tract infection can also be treated by consuming arjun chaal. The increased urine frequency due to UTI(Urinary Tract Infection) can be reduced by taking arjun chaal regularly.

Usage Of Arjun 

  • By using arjun chaal churna- Consume two to three grams of it. You can add honey and water as well, and take the whole mixture after lunch or dinner.
  • You can consume arjun in the form of its capsules.
  • Arjun tablets are also available in the market. It can be swallowed along with milk or water post lunch or dinner.
  • You can take arjun chaal in the form of Namhya’s heart tea. It helps in controlling various heart ailments due to presence of arjun chaal.


To sum up, you can easily avail Namhya’s heart tea at reasonable rate for yourself or your loved ones. You can enjoy sip of this heart tea and boost your immunity simultaneouly. If you are struggling with weight loss, then also Namhya’s heart tea is your go to solution.  

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Ridhima Arora

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