Green Tea

Are you looking for a tea that can offer multiple benefits to your body? Are you searching for detox tea, to keep your digestive system healthy? Green tea is the best option for you, to cure all your health issues in a natural manner.

Green tea is an organic india green tea, that is made from special leaves of the Camellia sinesis plant. The benefits of this tea depend on the brand of green tea that you consume. Namhya is one of the ayurvedic product-based brands that sell green tea too.

Before we know about the miracles of green tea, let’s explore how green tea is produced.

How Green Tea Is Produced?

Green tea is said to have its origins in the southwest area of China. This tea comes from a Chinese plant known as Camellia sinesis. This plant thrives in cool temperatures at high elevations. Green tea production is majorly done in countries of China and Japan.

These tea leaves are harvested using hands like other tea leaves. Green tea leaves go through of preservation using heat after being harvested. According to the manner in which the processing occurs, green tea has different variants.

The green tea produced in China is sweeter than that produced in Japan. You can sense citrus flavour in Japanese green tea. On the other hand, there is a flavour of vanilla in Chinese-produced green tea.

Green tea has comparatively less caffeine content than its counterparts. Thus, you can consume it to lose weight naturally.

It is advised to consume this tea during day time to avoid insomnia, at night. Thus, the best time to drink green tea is early morning, to energize yourself for the whole day.

Ways To Avoid Caffeine In Your Green Tea

If you believe that your green tea is completely caffeine free, then you are mistaken. There is 25 mg of caffeine content in at least a serving of 8 ounces. The amount of caffeine can vary depending on different brand types.

There are many factors on which the caffeine content in your green tea depends. It can be brewing time, the ratio of water to tea, the size of the serving, the presence of different ingredients, etc. Even a few of the green tea brands, don’t mention the exact amount of caffeine content in their tea packages.

Thus, you can only know about the exact caffeine content of your green tea by using lab equipment. You can avoid caffeine by reducing the caffeine content in your green tea. A few of the ways to avoid or reduce caffeine in your green tea are

  • You can consume green tea that is decaffeinated. Decaffeinated tea is lower in caffeine content though not caffeine free.
  • By properly brewing your green tea. To reduce caffeine in your green tea, the brewing time should be around a 1-minute maximum. You can further brew your green tea using simmering water instead of boiling water for less caffeine.
  • Avoid decaffeinating your green tea at home.
  • You can try twig green teas. These teas come from stems or the twigs of plants. Thus, they naturally have less caffeine content.
  • You can consume loose green tea leaves rather than that from tea bags.
  • Avoid the consumption of green tea from well-known cafes like Starbucks, etc. They usually have their tea drinks high in caffeine content.
  • By trying blends of green tea. When you blend your green tea with lemon or mint, then its caffeine content reduces to half of the actual amount. Thus, going for blends is a better option than trying green tea only, to avoid or reduce caffeine.
  • Shade-grown green teas have higher caffeine within them. Thus, try to go for green teas that aren’t shade-grown.
  • Similarly, powdered green teas should be avoided for consumption.
Thus, you can follow any of the above-mentioned methods to reduce caffeine in your green tea consumption. This wonder tea offers many benefits. You will come to know about some green tea benefits further below.


Green Tea Benefits

Green tea provides many benefits to its consistent consumers. A few of the benefits of this magical tea are

  • Green tea for hair- If you are one who suffers from hair loss frequently, then green tea is your go-to solution. Green tea can help in keeping your scalp moisturised.
Having split ends is a usual problem nowadays, that youngsters often face. Consuming green tea regularly can repair your hair from the roots itself. Thus, your problem of getting split ends will disappear soon.

If your hair looks dull and needs shine and lustre, then green tea can aid in that too. The presence of Vitamin E in this tea helps in providing both. You can also easily get rid of dandruff by having green tea regularly.
  • Green tea benefits for skin- Due to Vitamin E present in green tea, your skin can remain moisturised. You can get your skin brightened and repaired too by consuming this tea.
Your skin can age at an earlier stage due to increasing air pollution. Green tea helps fight against that by removing free radicals. If you have oily skin, then you can get rid of extra oil by consuming this tea.

Further, you can get free from clogged pores on your face, by using this tea. Clogged pores can lead to whiteheads, blackheads, acne, etc. By consuming green tea, you can get clear and glowing skin quickly.

You can use green tea clean face oil control solid mask to get oil-free skin. Thus, green tea cleansing can help you in keeping your skin dirt and oil-free. You can get naturally glowing skin back by consuming green tea.
  • To cure thyroid problems- If you are suffering from hyperthyroidism, then green tea thyroid benefits can help you get rid of it. In the case of hyperthyroidism, the oxidative stress increases in your body and an excess amount of thyroid hormones are produced. Green tea consumption helps to combat oxidative stress.
The antioxidant properties of this tea contribute to that. Green tea helps in restoring your body’s metabolic rate, which gets affected after hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. Thus, green tea is efficient for supporting the proper working of your thyroid glands.
  • Green tea for weight loss- Due to the presence of catechins in green teas, the calories can be burnt quickly. Thus, you can experience weight loss by consuming green tea in the early morning.
You can find the best green tea for weight loss according to the ingredients present in it. According to scientific research, a few healthy people have lost around 64 calories within a day, after consuming green tea extracts at least 3 times in 24 hours. Thus, green tea calories aid in quick weight loss.
  • Improvement of brain health- Amongst various green tea ke fayde, improvement of brain health is one of them. With optimal consumption of green tea, your mental alertness can improve. Thus, you can concentrate on your daily tasks better.
According to a few types of research, it is been proved that certain anxiety disorders like social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc. can be reduced by the intake of green tea. However, too much intake should be avoided. Excess intake of caffeine is responsible for causing anxiety or alleviating it.
  • Green tea for heart health- Consumption of green tea is useful for your balanced heart health. Your high blood pressure can be controlled by consuming this tea regularly.


  • Green tea for managing sugar levels- Besides other green tea benefits in hindi, your sugar levels can be managed by intake of green tea. Due to insulin resistance, type 2 diabetic patients often suffer from high sugar levels.

Green tea can balance your sugar levels in the body by reducing insulin resistance. Thus, your energy levels can be gradually improved through proper glucose absorption within your body.

Thus, you can get various benefits from this magical tea, whether as a green tea cleanser or for your hair, etc. You will come to know about the side effects of green tea further below.

Side effects of green tea

Besides, the various benefits of green tea, there are side effects of this tea, that shouldn’t be ignored. A few of them are

  • It is recommended to not consume green tea if you are pregnant. A pregnant lady can suffer from hypertension by consuming an excess of green tea within a day. Folic acid levels can reduce in pregnant women due to green tea. This can lead to miscarriage.
  • Excess green tea consumption can lower iron levels in your body. Thus, you can be prone to anaemia. If you are taking iron supplements, then also green tea should be avoided.
  • Potassium levels can also be lowered due to green tea consumption. This can further lead to weak muscles.
  • Anxiety levels can be increased due to excess green tea intake. Caffeine present in this tea can contribute to that. You can also suffer from insomnia due to caffeine.
  • Your teeth can get stained due to excess green tea consumption.
  • During fasting, green tea should be avoided. It can lead to acidity and nausea.
  • You can be prone to urinary disorders due to green tea consumption.
  • Digestive issues are common due to excess green tea intake. You can experience upset stomach and abdominal pain by consuming more than two cups of green tea within a day.

Green Tea Recipe

Preparing green tea at home is an easy task. The steps for making a green tea recipe are

  1. Let the water be boiled properly in a pan.
  2. Thereafter you can transfer boiled water into a cup.
  3. If you have green tea bags, then you can place those tea bags in that cup.
  4. Thereafter, you can brew it for around 5 minutes, and add lemon or mint to it.
  5. If you have loose green tea leaves, then you can pour them directly into boiled water in the pan.
  6. Thereafter, you can pour it into a tea flask. According to desired taste, you can add either lemon drops or mint leaves to it.

Thus, you can prepare green tea at home either by using its tea bags or loose tea leaves. Ensure, to not brew your green tea for a long duration, since it increases caffeine. This in turn can be detrimental to your health.

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