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Namhya Giloy Powder (100g X 2) - for Good Immunity and Liver Cleanse (Pack of 2)

Namhya Giloy Powder (100g X 2) - for Good Immunity and Liver Cleanse (Pack of 2)

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Giloy is also known as Guduchi or Amrita in ayurveda, is naturally enriched by anti-disease properties that help to treat common cold, flu, respiratory disorders and all types of fever attacks such as malaria, chikungunya, dengue and swine flu.

It treats arithritis and joint pain, regulates blood sugar level, purifies blood, treats blood deficiency and jaundice, reduces fat, boosts immunity and can also be used for chronic debilitating ailments.

Guduchi treates Indigestion and urinary diseases, relieves stress and anxiety, improves vision and reduces signs of ageing.


Add 2 tsp of Giloy powder in a glass of water and boil it on low heat till it gets 1/4. Let it cool down and then sieve it well. Consume it preferably on an empty stomach in the morning and evening. You can add some tulsi leaves with giloy powder for better results

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Namhya Giloy Powder (100g X 2) - for Good Immunity and Liver Cleanse (Pack of 2)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Giloy can be taken daily, in moderation, but the doctor must be consulted for people with any health condition.

You can drink Giloy juice every morning but avoid taking it at night.

Giloy powder can be used.


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Seema Devi
Highly Recommended!

This one is highly recommended, it's pure, natural and act as immunity booster.

Venkatesh P.
Good one.

It's natural, good and healthy.

Karunesh T.

I feel my immunity has improved since I started this. Keep going team!

Sikander Gupta
Finest quality.

This Giloy powder is amongst the finest powder that I have been using.

Immunity booster

I recommend all to replace this with your cup of tea.

Disclaimer : The statements have not been evaluated by FDA . This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Children and pregnant women should consult a doctor before use.