Gond Katira Benefits for Liver,Male & Female (Receipe & FAQ's)

During the summer, it frequently happens that you begin to feel down or exhausted. Also, the outer heat may raise the temperature of your body. 


At this time, you prefer to eat something that can combat your summer heat, keep your body cool, and give you energy. 

So, here is the wonderful herb named "Gond Katira". It is also known as Tragacanth gum or “Kateer” in the Kashmiri language.


Basically, Gond Katira is a sap released from Astragalus gummier shrubs. It has no flavor or odor and is water soluble. It appears as a white or pale yellow solid crystal that dissolves in water and takes the form of soft jelly. 


These crystals are a fantastic source of fiber, great for your skin, and a natural prebiotic which reduces your body heat to a great extent.


The main places for the cultivation of Gond Katira are the Middle Eastern states of Iraq, Iran, and Western Asia. It is also used in different herbal and ayurvedic medicines to cure body diseases. 


Apart from keeping you cool during summer days, this crystalline herb also keeps you warm during winters.


Nutritional Value of Gond Katira

Gond Katira is a rich source of protein and also contains good amounts of calcium and magnesium. Here is a nutritional chart of Gond Katira based on per 100g consumption.


Nutritional Facts

Astonishing Benefits of Eating Gond Katira


Benefits of Eating Gond Katira

  •  Wonderful Herb To Cure Cirrhosis Of The Liver



Cirrhosis is one type of chronic liver disease that leads to end-stage liver damage. But, when you consume this natural herb, Gond Katira, there is a chance to cure it. 


Gond Katira for the liver helps to clear the toxins from the blood and keeps your body healthy. It acts as an amazing liver coolant in the summer season and you can easily consume it with your favorite milkshake recipes.


The liver is a vital organ, responsible for over 300 processes that keep your body working properly. Unfortunately, the liver is also one of the hardest-working organs in your body and can be prone to damage due to various factors such as alcohol abuse and poor diet. 


Liver damage can lead to serious health problems, so it's important to take care of your liver and keep it healthy!


Namhya’s  Liver cleanse tea is a great way to detoxify your liver. The liver is one of the most important organs in the body, and it plays a vital role in the digestion of food, metabolism, and breakdown of nutrients into energy. 


However, our livers are exposed to many toxins on a daily basis that can cause damage over time. This damage can lead to serious health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity.


  • Act As A Protective Shield Against Heat Stroke


The greatest benefit of Gond Katira is using it as a cooling agent during summers. So, it easily decreases your body temperature even in the scorching heat and thus prevents you from heat strokes


It also controls the nose-bleeding problem that happens to small kids during extremely hot summers. Moreover, it has wonderful cooling characteristics and is frequently used to make summer refreshing drinks like milkshakes, ice cream, etc. that aid in cooling the body throughout the heat for a long time.  


  • Build A Healthy Digestive System


Gond Katira has a great amount of dietary fiber. It possesses enzymes that promote smooth digestion and regulate bowel movements. 


As it contains purgative qualities, it is a great remedy for different stomach-related digestive problems like constipation and diarrhea. It is also helpful for stimulating the intestinal movements in your body. So, consume it with water in the morning and cultivate a healthy digestive system.


  • Provide Relief From Joint Pain


Gond Katira acts as a perfect pain reliever for your joints because it contains high amounts of calcium and magnesium. 


So, you can either take it with water or any other refreshing drink to relieve your joint pains and make the joints stronger. Mature adults can even apply this herb to their joints to get relaxation from pain.


  • Boost Your Physical Immunity And Recovery Abilities


The wonder herb Gond Katira is a powerhouse of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. 


Because of this property, it can aid in nerve cell recovery and regeneration, control blood sugar levels, and keep flu-like diseases like cough, cold, infection, etc away from your body. 


Moreover, lab research studies suggest it as an anti-cancer agent that slows down the rate of division of cancer cells.


  • Best Weight Loss Product


Are you someone who is looking to lose weight naturally? Then, Gond Katira works as the best supplement for your diet. Its high dietary fiber nutrition will give energy to your body and allow it to burn more calories. 


It also boosts your metabolism during workout sessions. When you start consuming it daily, your food cravings will be reduced, making your stomach feel full. 


  • Brighten Your Skin Texture


Instead of using expensive cosmetic creams to get glowing skin, try eating Gond Katira daily. It is beneficial for the skin since it is a natural laxative and prebiotic. 


Also, it has excellent anti-aging components and antioxidants that cleanse the blood vessels to regenerate the dead skin cells on your face. 


This will give you clear and shining skin that is devoid of dark spots, blackheads, wrinkles, etc. One can also prepare different facemasks from this herb. So, try this on all of your acne issues!


  • Straighten Your Bones And Muscles


Gond Katira’s calcium concentration makes it very beneficial to regain strength in bones and muscles. It has the capacity to boost the overall stamina of the body very easily.  


It lubricates the joint bones and aids in their strengthening. Also, its calcium content will lead to better and new bone development in the body.


  • Enhance Better Hair Growth 


Due to its rich protein content, Gond Katira is the perfect ingredient to reduce your hair fall rate. By applying the gel made from it, you can increase the depth, thickness, and growth of your hair. 


There are shampoos available in the market made from this product for healthy hair growth. You can also use the Gond Katira hair mask for improving the quality of your hair.


  • Resolve The Urine Inconsistency Problem


People who have inflammation or blockage issues in their urinary ducts can consume Gond Katira regularly. It will soothe their urinary tract muscles and lower the urine spontaneity rate easily. 


Also, diabetic patients inject it directly into their blood vessel system in the form of a tablet as its glue-like property is used to acquire insulin dosage.


  • Impart Strength To Women In The Post-Pregnancy Stage


During the pregnancy stage, there are a lot of changes that occur in a female body. At this time, she feels weak and needs energy and strength in her body. 


Here, Gond Katira benefits the females by recovering their lost energy, regulating the blood flow, and making them feel mentally and physically refreshed again. It also helps lactating mothers to increase their milk flow, and they eat it by adding it to ladoos during their post-pregnancy stage.


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Usage of Gond Katira in Daily Life


Usage of Gond Katira in Daily Life

Gond Katira is a versatile natural remedy that can be used easily in your daily life, like 

  • Use it in regular water, refreshing mid-morning drinks, lemonade, milkshakes, etc. 
  • Make a paste out of it and apply it to your burn marks.
  • It is widely used as a thickening agent in restaurants for salads, sauces, and different cuisines to add extra texture to food.
  • You can consume it with milk at night to get a deep sound sleep.

Gond Katira Side Effects


Along with the multiple benefits of Gond Katira, there are some dangerous side effects if it is not consumed in the right manner.


  • If you don’t eat Gond Katira with ample water, then there are chances of causing blockage issues in your intestines. Also, after its consumption, you should drink water in good q uantities to avoid suffocation problems.
  • As Gond Katira is sap from a locoweed plant, you must test it with your body by eating it in a small quantity. If it causes an allergic reaction, avoid it because it contains noxious glycosides.
  • Some people also find breathing problems from eating Gond Katira. In such cases, it is advisable to not consume it in any form.


Summing Up


Now, you know that Gond Katira is a boon from nature to cure all your health problems. Its amazing nutrient profile makes it an important product to be used in various ayurvedic medicines over years. 


Additionally, this wonder herb is used in many Indian cuisines and cosmetic products for its impressive nutritional values. But, if you are someone who is trying this herb for the first time, then do know its adequate intake amount with water. If you eat it raw, it can cause a blockage in your intestines. 


Finally, after learning all the Gond Katira benefits, you may feel excited to use this product in your diet. Then, buy the purest natural form of Gond Katira at the Namhya Foods store now!


Gond Katira

FAQs Related To Gond Katira Benefits And Side Effects

Q.1: Are there any side effects of Gond Katira?


Ans: Yes! Gond Katira is a herb that is derived from the plant sap, so there are chances it can cause allergic reactions. So, first, eat it in a small amount and check whether it suits your body or not. It may sometimes cause throat blockage and breathing issues in people if not taken at the right time or in the right manner.

Q.2: Is Gond Katira also beneficial to males?


Ans: Obviously, this herb contains aphrodisiac properties that help males to recover their sensual vigor, lower sperm count, and treat other male fertility issues. 

Q.3: How much Gond Katira is recommended daily?


Ans: You can consume Namhya’s Gond Katira once per day to reap the most benefits without experiencing any negative side effects.

Q.4: How should I take Gond Katira with water?


Ans: Soak 5 gm or just one crystal of Gond Katira in water and then leave it overnight. The next morning, first drink this glass of water to get its maximum benefits for your body the next morning.

Q.5: How can I take Gond Katira with milk?


Ans: First, soak it in water overnight. The next morning, drink this glass of milk. As it is a tasteless edible, you can also add any sugar syrup for flavor.

Q.6: In what season can I consume Gond Katira?


Ans: Yes, Gond Katira has dual properties and so it can be consumed in all seasons. It will keep you cool during summers and warm during winters.

Q.7: Should we consume Gond Katira at night?


Ans: Yes, when you drink it with milk, it works as the best medicine to cure headaches, relax your body, boost immunity power, and improve gut health.



Q.8: Does Gond Katira help to enhance the breast size in females?


Ans: Research shows that it is beneficial to increase breast size if eaten daily. Also, it is an ayurvedic herbal product so there are fewer chances of any side effects.


Q.9: How many days can I store Gond Katira?


Ans: The soaked Gond Katira can be stored for 4-5 days in the refrigerator.

Q.10: Can you consume Gond Katira while having a fever?


Ans: Yes, it is a cooling agent and lowers the body temperature. You can consume it in cool chillers to protect your body from dehydration.

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