Harad Hidden Benefits, Uses and Side Effects & More

Are you searching for a magical herb to heal your body from various ailments? Are you still waiting to get cured of untreated illnesses in your body? Are you ready to experience the excellent hidden benefits of one such magical herb?

Ayurveda has been instrumental in curing people with different illnesses. There are many ayurvedic herbs that naturally give relief from various ailments. 

Harad or the King of medicines is one herb that aids in naturally healing your body. This herb has been used for thousands of years. It is said to be originated in India and South Africa. 

Harad offers various benefits to your body. You will come to know about this magical herb below.

What Is Harad?

Harad is a fruit produced from the myrobalan plum tree. This fruit is small and lesser than an inch in size. Harad is also known as haritaki, as this fruit's natural colour is green. The powdered form of this fruit is used in Ayurveda medicines. 

A few other names by which Harad is referred are

  • Haradey
  • Kayakalpa
  • Haleelaz(In Arabian)
  • Halela(In Persian)
  • Hirda(In Marathi)
  • Shilikha(In Assam)
  • Kadukkai( In Tamil)
  • Kaddukki(In South Asia)
  • Harara
  • Hardi

The plant from which Harad fruits come is around 50 feet in height, which can be a maximum of 80 feet. The fruits after ripening from the harad plant become yellowish-brown in colour. This fruit contains certain ingredients that make it beneficial to your health.

The components present in these fruits are

  • Chebulinic acid
  • Quinic acid
  • Phosphorus
  • Succinic
  • 18 amino acid
  • Shikimic acid
  • Corilagin

Harad seeds also find their use in day-to-day life. You will come to know various harad benefits further below. 

Benefits Of Harad

The king of medicines which is Harad provides many benefits that you might be unaware of. Are you curious to know about excellent hidden harad benefits? Are you looking forward to getting the best of harad powder benefits? 

Some of the hidden benefits of this amazing plant-based herb are

  • For skin health

  • There are a few harad benefits for skin that can’t be ignored. You can apply harad in powdered form on your skin, to get a natural glow. Harad also aids in preventing skin ailments from harming your skin. 

    Due to its rejuvenating property, it helps in purifying your skin. You can get rid of dead skin cells and have healthy skin back. If you are suffering from pimples and acne on your skin, then you should use the harda plant.

    A few skin-related issues like skin rashes, skin allergies, etc. can also be treated by this king of medicines. The Rasayana property of this herb makes it possible. Thus, you can maintain healthy skin with the use of Harad.

  • For hair growth

  •  If you want to experience harad benefits for hair, then you should try harad for your healthy hair. Harad contains Vitamin C, selenium, magnesium, copper and iron within it, which makes hair strong. The rejuvenating property of this wonder herb further prevents hair fall. 

    Thus, if you are facing hair damage and want to get your strong hair back, then you should give this plant-based herb a try. This will give you lustrous and shiny hair, and reduce hair fall considerably. 

    You can also reduce hair dandruff with this wonder herb. The main cause of dandruff is an imbalance in Kapha doshas. The Kapha levelling property of Harad prevents dandruff from damaging your hair scalp. 

    The presence of tyrannid in Harad is also one of the reasons that help control dandruff. You get your oily scalp back after using Harda. You can try Harad tonic for hair to prevent dandruff and thus control hair fall. 

  • For treating cough and cold

  • Due to the anti-viral properties of Harad, you can get relief from cold and cough ailments. This ayurveda herb also levels up Kapha dosha in your body, which can weaken your immune system. Thus, you can remain resistant to colds and coughs, by intake of this herb.

    Further, the antiphlegmetic property of this herb keeps respiratory issues at bay. In case you are having a high fever, then Harad’s consumption can aid in reducing it.

  • For boosting immunity

  • The Rasayana property of Harad helps in boosting the immunity of your body. You can fall sick less frequently by consuming this herb regularly. Thus, harad is a kind of immunity booster. 

  • For reducing weight

  • Are you struggling to lose weight? Then, worry not, harad ayurveda is your go-to solution for that. The Pachan and Deepan properties of harad help in losing weight.

    Due to these properties, the toxins present in your body can be reduced. Thus, you can have a strong digestive system. You will have your food digested easily, which will increase your metabolism too.

    If you are thinking about how to reduce liver stiffness naturally, then Harad can work on reducing it. The laxative property of this magical herb can cure various digestive issues. You can get liver pain relief at home due to its usage. 

  • For treating Alzheimer's disease

  • With growing age, it is inevitable that you don’t go through memory loss issues. Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological condition in which a person’s brain size shrinks. Thus, he or she can experience retaining information even for a short span difficult. Brain foods can help in restoring brain health to an extent.

    For critical diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s, you can take the help of ayurveda herbs. Harad is one such magical herb that helps in treating Alzheimer’s. Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, this disease can be cured permanently. 

    If a person suffering from this disease is too critical, then it is suggested to consult a medical health professional before the intake of Harad. Otherwise, this herb can pose some threat to the patient too. 

    • For heart health

    Are you facing some heart-related ailments? Are you trying hard to manage your sugar levels? Then, you can use harad to manage your heart health.

    Harad can make your cardiac muscles strong and thus strengthen your overall cardiovascular system. The growth of beta cells can be increased by the consumption of harad. This reduces insulin resistance that happens due to diabetes. 

    Thus, you can remain stress-free by worrying less about your fluctuating sugar levels. The sugar levels remain managed by Harad's consumption regularly.

    • As a diet for liver disease recovery

    Due to any liver disease, your appetite can be affected. It takes longer naturally to come back to your normal dietary intake. If you want to rebuild your liver with less pain, then harad works wonder for your liver.

    Due to its Pachan and Deepan properties, harad can increase your appetite. The digestive fire inside you can also be controlled by the intake of Harad. Thus, please ensure to include harad in your diet, if you don’t feel hungry easily. 

    • In treating wounds

    If you have suffered from any bruise or wound, then you might have searched for options to heal your wounds quickly. Harad can be used to treat and heal your wounds too.

    Due to its Ropan and Kashayan properties, the chance of being infected due to wounds or bruises is reduced to null. You can apply harad powder on your wounds to get healed naturally and effectively.

    • In treating arthritis

     With growing age, it is common to have joint pains in your body. This in turn leads to mental stress. You are also cautioned against performing many physical activities due to joint pains. 

    Harad helps in balancing the Vata doshas in your body. This leads to managing arthritis and joint pains due to it. You can intake harad along with ghee to balance Vata dosha in your body.

    The muscles and bones in your body also strengthen by the intake of this mixture regularly. Thus, you can keep joint pains at bay due to these excellent hidden harad benefits. 

    How To Use Harad?

    If you are still wondering how to use harad, then below are some of the ways in which you can use Harad

    • If you are prone to vomiting due to any reason, then you can use harde powder. You can make use of honey along with this powder to get relief from vomiting issues.
    • If you are prone to digestive issues, then you can try chewing the bark of the harad plant.
    • In case, urinary problems trouble you, then harde powder how to use with honey can help you in getting relief from it. You can consume it twice a day.
    • For boosting your immunity, the mixture of aniseed, harad, pomegranate, and Indian gooseberry can be consumed daily. Around 30 ml of this quantity can be consumed.
    • If you are prone to seasonal coughs and colds, then a decoction of cardamon, Harad, Malabar nuts leaves and raisins is preferred. You can get rid of asthma and bronchitis too with the help of this decoction. 
    • To improve semen production in your body, you can also use Harad. Firstly, you need to make a mixture of castor oil,harad, cow’s urine and rock salt. Thereafter, you need to sieve this oil and consume it with warm water.

    In general, harad can be taken in any of the forms which are

    • Harad tablets
    • Harad powder
    • Harad paste
    • Harad capsule
    • Harad churna

    Depending on the seasons, Harad should be consumed in ways which are

    • During the rainy season, you can intake Harad along with rock salt.
    • During the summer season, you can intake Harad along with jaggery.
    • During the beginning of the winter season, you can intake Harad along with ginger. While during winter, you can have it with long pepper. After winter, you can have Harad along with honey. 

    It isn’t necessary to stick to the above methods, you can consume Harad with honey throughout the year too. 

    Side Effects Of Harad

    Like two sides of a coin, harad has side effects too, if it is not consumed by considering some precautions. A few of the side effects of consuming this herb are

    • Harad shows its effects on your gastrointestinal tract. Due to its proper cleansing, the essential nutrients from your stomach reach the intestines. This can further lead to your stool becoming looser and softer. 

    The repercussions of the same can be dehydration. Thus, you need to avoid consuming too much harad for managing dehydration. 

    • This wonder herb can be used to manage your sugar levels. If you are already on medication to control your sugar levels, then it is recommended to not consume harad. Otherwise, it can further lower your managed sugar levels. 

    To be on the safer side, consult your doctor before consuming harad if you are a diabetic patient. 

    • If you suffer from physical exhaustion regularly, then you should avoid consuming harad. Even if you are underweight, then also its consumption should be avoided.

    Further, ladies who experience heavy bleeding during their menstrual cycles and keep fast, must not intake harad. 

    • Excessive intake of Harad can lead to diarrhoea, bloating, and gastric issues. The astringent property of Harad can lead to digestive complications if it is consumed in an excess amount.
    • If you are recommended to go for any surgery, then the consumption of Harad should be discontinued for two weeks prior to surgery at least. Since it can have an impact on controlling sugar levels while the operation takes place. 
    • Harad can pose risk to pregnant ladies, as it can reduce the production of breast milk, which is necessary to feed a newborn. 

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