Top 5 Best Effective Ingredients For Regular Periods?

Are you someone who faces irregularity in having periods? This not only disrupts your physical health but also your mental health. Having periods on time can keep your stress levels in check. 

There are many ways through which you can keep your period cycle regular. We will first check out some ayurvedic herbs that help in maintaining regular period cycles.

Ayurvedic Herbs For Your Regular Periods

A few of the ayurvedic herbs that you can intake to regulate your periods and lead a healthier lifestyle are

  • Ashwagandha

Popularly known as Indian ginseng or the Indian winter cherry, this ayurvedic herb has been a part of Ayurveda for thousands of years. It is used by almost more than half of the world's population, due to its many benefits. 

It is a magical herb that helps in regulating your periods. Since Ashwagandha aids in lowering stress levels, thus your brain health is improved. In addition to that, periods can become less painful and regular due to lower stress levels. 



  • Ashoka Chaal

Ashoka Chaal

Ashoka Chaal comes from the bark of a tree. It is used usually to boost heart health. Besides that, it is incorporated as a uterine tonic. Many menstrual and gynaecological problems can be cured using this herb. 

The painful, heavy and irregular periods can be reduced by consuming Ashoka Chaal. With the help of its astringent property, piles can also be managed. 

You can consume Ashoka in the form of its tablets or in powdery form. It is suggested to consult a health professional, before consuming Ashoka chaal, to have its appropriate quantity. 

  • Shatavari

This is a female-friendly herb that is used in treating various menstrual disorders. It can be used to ease painful cramps during Premenstrual syndrome(PMS). 

It can be used to improve period cycles and avoid heavy bleeding during your periods. Due to its cooling properties, stress levels that is one of the precursors to irregular periods can also be controlled. 


  • Lodhra

It is another magical herb used to manage excessive menstrual bleeding, vaginal infections, etc. If you are particularly suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ( PCOS), then you can intake lodhra to get a natural cure. 

You can consume it in powder form either with plain water or rice water. This will help in reducing period pains and other menstrual ailments. 


Use Of Namhya’s Women Health Tea

Namhya’s Period Care Tea

Namhya’s Women Health Tea is the ultimate solution to cure your various period or menstrual-related issues. It consists of all the ingredients mentioned above. 

Besides that, it also includes flavours of garcinia cambogia, and saffron, for your healthy body. 

Preparation- To make this tea, you need to take a tablespoon of it and boil it with water. Thereafter, you can enjoy its flavour after straining it. To sweeten it further, you can add honey or jaggery to it. 

Shelf life- The shelf life of this tea is for around 9 months. Though, you can see its wonderful results within 2 or 3 months of consumption.

This special tea can be consumed by anyone suffering from irregular periods. It can be consumed at any time of the day since it doesn’t alter your digestion system. 


Thus, you can consume Namhya’s Women Health Tea regularly. You can order it from our website at an affordable range. You can enjoy this tea post your meals and have a stress-free sleep.

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Ridhima Arora

Ridhima Arora is an Indian entrepreneur, author, trained yoga instructor, and practicing nutritionist. She is the founder of Namhya Foods.Besides being the founder of Namhya foods, Ridhima also gives nutrition coaching in seminars to kids, NGOs, and corporates. She also works as a freelancer at Global Changemakers.