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Holi Celebration: Skin & Hair Care Tips, Ancient Story, & Herbal Remedies

Looking to enjoy the vibrant and colorful festival of Holi while keeping your skin and hair healthy? Did you know that Holi also has benefit facts? Keep reading to discover an ancient roots & holistic approach to holi skincare and holi tips for skin and hair inspired by ancient wisdom that can help you protect your skin and hair during Holi.


Holi: A Celebration of Renewal and Rejuvenation with Ancient Roots and Natural Benefits




Holi is one of the most popular and widely celebrated festivals in India and the world. It has its roots in Hindu mythology and is celebrated to mark the arrival of spring and the triumph of good over evil. According to Hindu mythology, the festival commemorates the triumph of the Hindu god Vishnu over the demon king Hiranyakashipu. 


Holi's ancient role can be traced back to Hindu texts and scriptures, such as the Vedas and the Puranas, which describe the festival as a time of renewal, regeneration, and rejuvenation. The festival was celebrated to purify the body and soul and prepare for spring and the new agricultural season. The throwing of colored powders and water was believed to symbolize the transformation of the dull and lifeless winter landscape into a vibrant and colorful spring filled with new growth and vitality. Over time, Holi has evolved into a social and cultural event that celebrates the unity and diversity of humanity. 


The natural ingredients used in the colors have medicinal properties that benefit the skin and hair, and the festival rituals continue to hold deep significance for many people. For example, Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, while beetroot improves blood circulation and immunity. Henna cools and soothes skin irritation; indigo reduces inflammation, and marigold boosts skin health and immunity. Saffron has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and helps to improve skin health. These natural ingredients add to Holi's festive spirit and promote healthy skin and overall well-being.


Tips For Skin Care: Ancient Wisdom For


Removing Holi Colors Safely


Here are some tips inspired by ancient wisdom to remove holi colour from face home remedies. These tips can help you remove Holi colors safely and naturally:


  • Use Warm Water Instead of Hot Water

Hot water can strip the skin and hair of their natural oils, causing dryness, which can be especially damaging after exposure to harsh colors. Warm water, on the other hand, helps to open up the pores of the skin and hair, making it easier to remove the colors.


  • Use Natural Ingredients

Gram flour, also known as besan, is an excellent natural way to exfoliant that removes dead skin cells and impurities from the skin. To use gram flour for removing Holi colors:


  1. Mix it with water or milk to make a paste.
  2. Apply this paste on the skin and gently massage it in circular motions.
  3. Rinse off with warm water to reveal soft, clean skin.


Curd, or yogurt, is another natural ingredient known for cleansing and nourishing properties. It contains lactic acid, which helps remove dead skin cells and impurities from the skin. To use curd for removing Holi colors:


  1. Take some fresh curd and apply it to the skin.
  2. Gently massage it in circular motions for a few minutes.
  3. Rinse off with warm water to remove the colors and leave the skin feeling soft and supple.


Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent that can help to remove Holi colors effectively. It also helps to restore the pH balance of the skin and hair, which can be disrupted after exposure to harsh colors. To use lemon juice to remove Holi colors:

  1. Mix it with some water and apply it to the skin.
  2. Leave it on for a few minutes.
  3. Rinse off with warm water.


  • Oil Your Hair

Make sure your hair is well-oiled with coconut oil or another suitable oil before heading out to play Holi. This will help create a barrier between your hair and the colors, making it easier to remove the colors later.


  • Soak in Warm Water

Soak yourself in warm water for a few minutes before scrubbing off the colors. This will help to loosen the colors and make them easier to remove.


  • Don't Scrub Too Hard

Scrubbing your skin too hard can cause irritation and even lead to skin damage. Instead, use a gentle exfoliating scrub to remove the colors, especially from sensitive areas like the face and around the eyes. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the skin too hard, which can cause irritation and redness.


  • Moisturize

After you have removed the colors, it's essential to moisturize your skin and hair to restore their natural moisture. Our ancestors used natural moisturizers like aloe vera and coconut oil to hydrate their skin and hair.


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Essential Holi Skin & Hair Care Tips


skin care and hair care tips for holi
  • Apply a barrier oil or cream, such as petroleum jelly or coconut oil, before playing Holi. This will create a protective barrier and prevent the colors from seeping into the skin's pores.
  • Oil your hair (hair care at home). Prepare your hair and scalp for Holi by massaging them with coconut or olive oil. This will prevent harm to your hair and make it simpler to remove the colors afterward.
  • Cover up. Wear clothes that cover most of your skin, such as long sleeves and pants. This will help prevent the colors from staining your skin and protect you from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Use natural colors. Synthetic colors used during Holi can contain heavy metals like lead and mercury, which can cause skin irritation, allergies, and even lead poisoning. Choose natural and organic colors made from flower petals and other natural ingredients. These colors are safe for your skin and hair and do not cause any harm to the environment.
  • Keep hydrated. Drink plenty of water before and during the celebration to keep your skin and body hydrated. This will also help you stay energized and active throughout the day.
  • Protect your eyes. Wear sunglasses or goggles to protect your eyes from getting color in them. This will prevent irritation and infections.
  • Protect your nails. Apply a clear base coat and use a gentle, acetone-free nail polish remover.
  • Apply a moisturizer with SPF 30+ on your face and exposed body parts to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and prevent color from seeping into your pores.
  • Post holi skin care & hair care. Wash your face and body with cold water and a mild cleanser, after playing holi. Use a conditioner to remove the color from your hair, and avoid using hot water.


Herbal Remedies: Boost Your Hair And Skin's Health With Ayurvedic Herbs & Teas


Ayurvedic herbs and teas can be a great addition to your Holi skincare and haircare routine. Here are some natural herbs and Ayurvedic drinks that can benefit your skin and hair during and after the Holi celebrations:


    • Neem has antibacterial and antifungal properties and effectively treats acne and other skin infections. Drinking neem tea or using neem oil on your skin can help reduce inflammation and redness caused by Holi colors.
    • Amla benefits for hair because of high levels of vitamin C, which helps strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair breakage. Amla also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe scalp irritations from being exposed to harsh chemicals and colors during the holi celebration. Amla benefits for skin as well.
    • Aloe Vera is a natural emollient that can help calm irritated skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties minimize redness and swelling. Use fresh aloe vera gel or drink aloe vera juice after playing Holi to moisturize your skin.
    • Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can aid in reducing skin damage caused by Holi colors. It can also help lighten dark spots and acne scars. For holi skin care tips, drinking turmeric tea or a turmeric face pack can help keep your skin healthy and glowing.
    • Rose petals have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They are effective in reducing skin redness and inflammation. Rose is often used in Ayurvedic toners and skincare products.
    • Tulsi, or holy basil, has antibacterial and antifungal properties and can help treat acne and other skin infections. It can also help protect your skin from free radical damage. Drinking tulsi tea or using a tulsi face pack can help improve your skin's health.
    • Triphala is an Ayurvedic herb rich in antioxidants and can help detoxify your body. Drinking triphala tea or taking triphala supplements can help improve your digestion as well as boost your immune system, which in turn can help improve your skin and hair care routine.
    • Coconut water is high in electrolytes and can benefit in hydrating the skin and hair. Drinking coconut water during and after Holi celebrations can help replenish lost fluids and keep your skin and hair healthy.
    • Drinking herbal teas such as chamomile, green tea, or peppermint tea can help reduce inflammation and soothe irritated skin. These teas are also rich in antioxidants and can protect your skin from free radical damage.
    • Eat foods for good skin and hair. Certain foods such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, contain essential vitamins and minerals that promote healthy skin and hair, and incorporating them into your diet can help protect and nourish your skin and hair from the inside out.


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