Tips For Permanent Cure For PCOS In Ayurveda

Are you the one whose daily routine gets affected due to your irregular menstrual cycles? Are you tired even after consuming varieties of pills to treat it? Are you someone who wants to get rid of your PCOS permanently? 

Then, you are the lucky one, as Ayurveda has a permanent cure for your PCOS. You can rely on the wisdom that Ayurveda has carried for thousands of years. The majority of people have got cured of critical ailments even due to Ayurveda. 

Ayurveda is derived from Sanskrit words, ‘Ayur’ and ‘Veda’, which means knowledge about life. Ayurveda strives to create balance in your body that is at spiritual, mental, and physical levels. 

You might have come across various medications to get relief from PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. The ultimate cure still is possible due to the Ayurveda diet. Namhya, a brand leading in Ayurveda, also provides a few products to cure your PCOS. 

You will come to know the permanent cure for pcos in ayurveda. Let us first know something regarding PCOS that 1 in every 10 ladies suffer from.

PCOS: What It Is And Its Symptoms?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS is a hormonal disorder in which the production of cysts takes place at the top of the ovaries, due to ovaries getting enlarged. PCOS happens when there is an excess production of male hormones in young women who can be teenage girls or women in their mid-20s. 

Due to the excess male hormones in a female’s body, there exists an inadequacy in progesterone levels and the ovulation process gets affected. The overall health of women suffering from PCOS is also affected by this process.

Women who have PCOS can face infertility issues too. This happens due to an imbalance of both male and female hormones in their body. You can come to know whether a woman is suffering from PCOS or not through some common symptoms.

Some of the symptoms of PCOS are

  • Irregularity of period cycles or no periods

  • If you are noticing a drop in your estrogen levels as a woman, then you might be dealing with irregular periods. Due to low estrogen levels, period levels get unregulated. 

    This leads to hormonal imbalance in women, and thus irregularity in periods or no period for months at times. 

  • Growth of hair on unwanted areas

  • You can experience hair growth in areas such as your back, arms, chest, face, and abdomen due to PCOS. This is the counter-effect of the increase in testosterone levels in women. 

  • Excess weight gain

  • Ladies with PCOS are prone to be on the heavier side. It happens due to insulin resistance in your body. Due to less usage of insulin in your body, the sugar remains stored in your body. This leads to unnecessary weight gain. 

    PCOS contributes to insulin resistance which you will come to know soon. 

  • Acne

  • Acne on the neck, back, chest and face are one of the symptoms of PCOS. As you know, the levels of progesterone and estrogen drop due to PCOS.

    Thus, comparatively more testosterone levels in the person suffering from PCOS cause an excess of oil in the skin. This leads to blocked pores in your skin.

    Further, blocked pores are a precursor to acne in your skin. To avoid this, you can try yoga for pcos and keep your skin healthy.

  • Infertility issues

  • The process of ovulation in women get affected due to PCOS. The eggs aren’t released from the ovaries due to PCOS. This stops the ovulation process and hence leads to infertility in women.

    This in no way implies that this issue can’t be cured, you can try ayurvedic medicine for pcos infertility to get rid of PCOS and infertility issues

  • Trouble in sleeping

  • Your brain health is dependent on your sleep cycle. You would have noticed feeling less concentrated when you sleep for fewer hours during the night. PCOS can also contribute to sleep issues in women.

    Progesterone is one of the hormones responsible for promoting sleep. Due to PCOS, its levels decrease, and thus women can face insomnia or obstructive sleep apnea( a condition in which your breathing can be blocked while you are sleeping). 

    To have proper sleep, you can try meditating before sleeping and keep your sleep cycle regular. 

  • Insulin resistance

  • Due to PCOS, insulin resistance in your body can increase. The production of androgens in an excess amount due to PCOS leads to insulin resistance.

    This further increases the fat in your body around the tummy and thus the weight gain. 

    To avoid the above symptoms of PCOS, you can include an ayurvedic diet for pcos in your regular diet. This will not only cure PCOS, but you will also inculcate a healthy lifestyle. 

    General Tips To Treat PCOS

    A few of the tips in general to treat PCOS are

  • Keeping yourself hydrated

  • One of the foremost tips to treat PCOS is to ensure that you are well-hydrated. PCOS can lead to many metabolic issues like heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. Due to PCOS, weight gain also occurs in women. 

    Thus, it is imperative to maintain a healthy lifestyle which includes keeping your body hydrated. The oxygen level in your body also is maintained due to sufficient intake of water either as plain or in the form of drinks. 

  • Including a daily exercise routine

  • Exercise daily, for around 45 minutes helps to keep many diseases at bay including PCOS. By including cycling or jogging daily, you can reduce the extra weight gained after PCOS.

    You can also try different yoga asanas to reduce some of the symptoms of PCOS. It also aids in keeping your body and mind relaxed. 

    Some of the yoga asanas that you can practice daily to cure PCOS are

    • Shavasana- This pose is practiced after completing all the required asanas. You need to lie down completely and keep your eyes closed for a few minutes, to relax your body. This asana is also known as the corpse pose.
    • Butterfly pose- This pose is said to give relief from symptoms during menopause and any kind of discomfort during your menstrual cycle. It is named a butterfly pose, as in this pose the leg movements depict the way, the wings of a butterfly flap. This yoga asana also helps improve flexibility in your body and digestive system.
    • Surya Namaskar- If you are struggling with losing weight after PCOS, then Surya namaskar or sun salutation is one of the best exercises to try. It comprises of total 12 yoga asanas.

    You need to perform all 12 asanas by facing toward the sun, in the early morning. This asana helps in losing weight as well as increasing your gratefulness towards the Sun.

    Chakki chalanasana- This is a simple yoga asana in which you need to stretch your arms in the manner of spinning a grinding wheel. This asana offers many benefits to your body. It helps in massaging your kidneys, the liver, and your reproductive organs. 

    Thus, you can experience fewer effects of PCOS symptoms by practicing this asana regularly.

    You can also include Alternate nostril breathing and Bee Pranayama daily, to manage your stress levels. All the above-mentioned asanas and breathing exercises help in keeping your body weight in check. With managed stress levels, you are able to deal with PCOS with ease. 

    • Consume Ayurveda diet

    To cure PCOS, besides pcos exercise at home, you should intake an ayurveda diet. This diet can comprise green leafy vegetables, daal with ‘tadka’, ghee chapatis, etc. The addition of ayurveda herbs or spices in your home-cooked meals can ease the symptoms of PCOS.

  • Including ayurvedic medicine for pcos

  • The above-mentioned tips are the general ways suggested for treating your pcos. You will come to know about the ayurvedic diet for pcos further below.

    Ayurvedic Diet For PCOS

    Keeping your body balanced and healthy is the main aim of Ayurveda. Thus, inculcating an ayurvedic diet in your daily regime can help to cure pcos. If you are searching for how to cure pcos ayurvedic, then the solution lies ahead.

    Some of the ayurveda herbs that you can try to get rid of pcos are

  • Ashwagandha

  • This herb helps to manage your stress levels. Thus, your cortisol levels can be balanced with its usage. Further, your period cycle gets regular when you remain calm and relaxed.

    Thus, ashwagandha, or a rejuvenating herb should be used to treat pcos effectively. You can use it in powdered form or consume its tablet.

  • Cinnamon

  • Due to insulin resistance(one of the symptoms of pcos), the ovulation process in women gets affected. Cinnamon helps in regulating menstrual cycles. This further aids in the ovulation process in women. 

  • Neem

  • This herb can reduce insulin resistance in your body, thus creating a balance of hormones. You can consume this herb in the form of its leaves in the raw form daily.

  • Turmeric

  • Due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, this ayurvedic herb helps to protect you against various infections. Besides that, turmeric also aids in reducing insulin resistance in your body. 

  • Ashoka

  • The inner lining of your uterus can be repaired with its usage in your daily diet. Thus, estrogen levels in your body get controlled, which are usually high due to PCOS. This further promotes the ovulation process in women. 

  • Shatavari

  • Due to PCOS, the cysts develop around your ovaries. The consumption of ayurvedic herbs like Shatavari reduces its production. 

    Shatavari also aids in restoring hormonal balance in your body. The otherwise irregular period cycle due to PCOS gets regular with the intake of Shatavari. Thus, Shatavari works like an ayurvedic medicine for pcos

  • Shilajit

  • Shilajit helps in improving your uterine health. Your reproductive organs can be detoxified by consuming Shilajit regularly in case of pcos. This further promotes fertility in women. 

    If you want to lose weight naturally, then also you can consume Shilajit. Thus, your hormonal balance will be restored and the ovulation process gets stabilized. 

    Is Ayurvedic Medicine Effective For PCOS?

    If you are suspicious by nature, then this question might be playing in your mind, is ayurvedic medicine effective for pcos? The answer to this question is 100% yes. You can try the ayurvedic herbs that are discussed above and get the results.

    These herbs work like medicines to get rid of the symptoms of pcos gradually and thus cure it permanently. Besides these herbs, there are some ayurvedic treatments too.

    Some of the ayurvedic treatments that you can undergo to cure pcos permanently are

    • Vaman or vomiting
    • Basti or enema
    • Virechan or purgation 
    • Rakthamoksha or blood purification
    • Nasya or nasal application 

     These treatments can be taken by anyone provided they aren’t pregnant or above 75 years of age. After going through these ayurvedic treatments, your body gets detoxified and hormonal balance is restored. Thereby, pcos patients experience a balance in their hormone levels after these treatments.

    Foods To Avoid With PCOS

    There are certain pcos foods to avoid for your health and overall well-being. Some of those food items are

    • Those rich in carbohydrates like muffins and white bread.
    • Sugary drinks and snacks.
    • Junk food items
    • Processed food items like sausages, hot dogs, and red meat.
    • Unhealthy fat food items like shortening, margarine, and lard.
    • Processed cheese and milk.
    • Soy milk and tofu.
    • Gluten-rich foods like barley and wheat.
    • Alcohols
    • Caffeine

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