Importance Of Lung Cleansing: Home Remedies for Lung Detox

Due to the rise of industry, the growing use of automobiles, and the destruction of flora and animals, air pollution has been rising significantly. This can cause asthma, wheezing, coughing, or shortness of breath. Extreme pollution exposure can cause lung cancer and heart attacks. As the pandemic continues and its effects are still being studied, you must be extra alert and cleanse your lungs routinely. When the coronavirus strikes, it affects your respiratory system. 


Lung Cleansing


How to clean my lungs naturally? Everyone turns to Ayurveda medicine as a means of improving their lung health. Read on to discover the reason, importance & home remedies for lung cleansing.


What Are The Functions Of The Lungs?

The lungs' principal function is inhaling air from the atmosphere and exhaling oxygen into circulation. After that, the blood is transported to various body parts.


When breathing normally, the organs need help from supporting structures. The diaphragm, the intercostal muscles, the abdominal muscles, and even the neck muscles are all involved in the process of breathing.


The diaphragm is a muscle that forms a dome beneath the lungs. It performs most of the work necessary for respiration. As the diaphragm contracts, it descends, expanding the chest cavity and enhancing the lung's expansion capacity. As a result, the lungs are filled with fresh air with each breath since the chest cavity has increased in size, and the internal pressure has decreased.


When you breathe out, the diaphragm relaxes back to its resting position, which causes the chest cavity pressure to rise and the lungs to expel air. The lungs expand like bellows to inhale oxygen-rich air. When you breathe out, the lungs collapse and release carbon dioxide waste.


The trachea (sometimes called the windpipe) is the tube through which air is transported after being breathed in through the nose or mouth. The carina is the next section to be reached. The windpipe splits in two at the carina, each leading to a set of lungs. The left lung can be reached by one route and the right by another.


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The bigger bronchi divide into smaller bronchi and even smaller bronchioles, like the branches of a tree. This gradually contracting plumbing ends at the minute air sacs known as alveoli. In this location, gas exchange occurs.


Why Is Lung Cleansing Extremely Important?

Compared to other parts of the body, the lungs are often overlooked. But did you know that we depend on a well-functioning cardiovascular and respiratory system 24/7? These vital organs need sufficient lubricant, a healthy diet, and routine care to perform as intended. The lungs, like the heart, never rest and are in constant motion. Therefore they need fuel.


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World Health Organization estimates that 92% of the world's population breathes polluted air. Coughing, wheezing, and watery eyes result from contaminant inhalation in impaired respiratory systems. More than six million people yearly lose their lives due to the microscopic toxic components penetrating deeply into the respiratory and circulatory systems. With the coronavirus, protecting the lungs and respiratory system against pollutants and a lethal virus is more critical than ever. For this reason, lung cleansing (lungs detox) is essential.


Natural Remedies For Lung Cleansing 

How to clean lungs? A lung cleanse could aid in the prevention of future lung diseases or infections and keep the lungs healthy and clean. The following are lung-cleansing home remedies:


1. Foods For Lungs Detox (Paschat karma)

    Consume Anti-Inflammatory Foods

      Inflammation of the airways can cause difficulty breathing and heaviness in the chest. Consuming anti-inflammatory foods (or foods for lungs detox) such as blueberries, cherries, broccoli, dark chocolate, leafy greens, lentils, beans, & olives are lungs self-cleaning dietary foods that can help reduce inflammation and improve breathing. 


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      2. Try Some Ginger Tea

        How to detox lungs? Ginger, a common ingredient in many ayurvedic remedies, has been shown to aid in the recovery from respiratory illnesses by boosting immunity and enhancing lung power. Consume ginger tea frequently to gain the most benefits to promote your health, especially for lungs detox.


        Another way, make a lung cleansing drink by mixing one liter of water with one teaspoon of sauf, cumin seeds, coriander powder, and finely chopped fresh ginger. Again, boiling and filtering the water before putting it in a thermos is best. This lung detox juice (or lung cleansing drink) is beneficial for the lungs and the entire respiratory system.


        3. Honey

          Honey is delicious and harmless enough to consume daily. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, which all contribute to its ability to cleanse the lungs of damp air. In addition, the flavor remains on your tongue and is pleasant long after you've swallowed.


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          4. Green Tea

            One of the most well-known healthy teas can be used as a quick and easy way to cleanse the lungs. Green tea, abundant in polyphenols, has anti-inflammatory properties and may help reduce lung inflammation.


            Take a cup of your favorite Namhya Green Tea (lung cleansing tea) with you to bed to help flush out toxins that can cause constipation in the morning. Avoid doing anything that could stress your lungs while your system detoxifies.


            5. Lemon

              Lemon's anti-inflammatory and mucus-thinning properties are beneficial lung cleanse for the respiratory system. Take one quart of fresh lemon juice mixed with eight ounces of warm water first thing in the morning. For respiratory health, try pomegranate or pineapple juice as an alternative to lemon juice as a lung detox juice.


              6. Tulsi Leaves

                Several studies have demonstrated that tulsi can improve lung function. Tulsi's bioactive compounds and antibacterial capabilities can also relieve chest congestion. That's why Tulsi is a superb Ayurvedic cough and cold cure to relieve bronchitis and other respiratory problems. You can consume tulsi tea, raw leaves, or juice twice daily.


                7. Perform Nasya

                Having your nose clogged might be bad for your lungs. In this regard, it is of essential significance to keep one's nasal passageways clear of blockages. The Nasya technique is beneficial because it helps clear the nasal passages. As a result, your lung health will improve and be protected. Nasya treatments have all these benefits, with the bonus of preventing allergies. 




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                For example, sesame oil is recommended for use in lung cleansing. Put two drops of oil in each nostril. This technique is used to disinfect the nasal membranes. In Ayurvedic practice, this is called a nasya.


                Before using any commercial nasal drops, an Ayurveda doctor advises highly recommends them.


                8. Steaming

                One of the best ayurvedic home remedies for a lung infection is breathing in steam, which helps clear the infected airways. In this technique, inhaling water vapor helps loosen mucus in the lungs and expand the airways. Thus, steam inhalation can relieve congestion and make it easier to breathe. 


                Steam also helps to keep the skin supple and hydrated. In addition to removing dirt and oil from the pores, it also helps the skin better absorb any topical treatments. This is why steaming your face at home is a popular ayurvedic skin care therapy.


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                Also, adding fresh mint leaves or peppermint to a simmering pot is a pleasant and refreshing addition.


                9. Put Down The Smoking!

                The best way to purify one's lungs is to stop smoking. Cigarette smoke reduces lung capacity and increases the likelihood of developing lung infections and cancer. The removal of tar from the lungs may be facilitated by giving up smoking.


                10. Maintain An Environment With Adequate Ventilation

                Get rid of your allergies and give your lungs a break by using an air purifier at home. A few houseplants, like the spider plant and the peace lily, help purify the air as well. It also helps to let the outside air in by leaving your windows open while you sleep.


                When cleaning, don't use products that contain potentially harmful substances. For example, ammonia is an irritant respiratory irritant.


                11. Lung Cleansing Therapy Based On Ayurveda

                Vaman therapy is a method of lung cleansing. For smokers, this is the best way to clean their lungs. Ayurveda includes Vaman as one of its five Panchakarma therapies. Vaman is the medical name for emesis (therapeutic vomiting). It eliminates excess Kapha Dosha, which causes many diseases, including the common cold. Vaman treatment forces Kapha from the extremities and other organs into the stomach before triggering vomiting since Kapha is in the chest and easy to eliminate.


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                Following a session with the Vaman, many patients report experiencing a sense of relief in their chest. People analyze things in greater detail, which encourages good speech and appetite. In ancient times, Vaman was purportedly given to those who had consumed poison or had food poisoning. Today, stomach cleaning follows. Vaman cleanses the sinuses, alleviating congestion, wheezing, and breathing difficulties. Psoriasis and other skin conditions like asthma can be treated effectively with it. There's also a drop in weight, lipids, and cholesterol.


                Based on the doctor's exam, the treatment plan is made.


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